Voodoo Kungfu


Shedding some light on an Asian band which are now split up but have left behind some great music and art. At times the vocals would seem like they are heading into progressive metal style with the high pitch but it always just turned out to be some form of Asian throat singing. Aside the vocals, the image of the band only furthered my interest into Voodoo Kungfu with the fit man with tattooed face and  fashioned with a  tongue piercing and drowned in blood on live stage. Voodoo Kungfu released unofficially without a label four releases – 2 live albums and 2 studio editions of the same songs on the live edition. The band had been active for more than a decade under a different name.

They quickly became my favourite Chinese Black Metal band blending Asian instruments and vocals and using the Asian art forms. The man in the image is a band member but could easily be given the extreme label of Yakuza (Japan). Maybe that’s the reason the music sounds so extreme but  a perfect blend of Chinese Folklore into Black Metal. Aside Darkestrah from Central Asia and Al-Namrood from Saudi Arabia – this was the only band from that continent that I would have liked to see continue on its path.

Favourite songs include This Shore and Only The Gods Can Judge Me. Although I recommend the entire both albums including the remake of Sweet Dreams.