Nokturnal Mortum – Weltanschauung


I have been very pleased with Nokturnal Mortum and their releases. They are deeply rich black metal from Ukraine. Their black metal sounds reminds me of Darkestrah (meanwhile Drudkh would be the equivalent to Al-Namrood). Folk black metal is always an interesting thing except when the bands becomes overly nationalistic. Thus far I have been basing my reviews on Nokturnal Mortum on their musical ability and sound rather than focusing on the bands belief system. Although those that boycott a band for their beliefs despite their good music are not wrong to do so – as its the lifeblood of the artist to gain fans and monetary value to do more of its work. It is unfortunate that Nokturnal Mortum is defined as NSBM which claims white supremacy. So what is the stance on something like this… is it art or is it political? Should an artist be boycotted for its political beliefs? Well, I have since decided to sell off my entire Nokturnal Mortum collection even though I praise their music.


Nokturnal Mortum – Lunar Poetry


I hadn’t listen to this album in a while. At one time I owned the vinyl version of this release – I cant believe I sold it. I suppose the music on this release wasn’t enough to keep me fully tuned in other than the title song “Lunar Poetry”. But the only reason I would regret selling it would be because it serves as a great art piece on vinyl format. The CD versions have a different artwork and not nearly as majestic.

Nokturnal Mortum – Twilightfall


After listening to a lot of Drudkh I finally decided to look back into Nokturnal Mortum. Although I have some of their albums mentioned in my blog already, I decided to try the ones over again that I hadn’t mentioned to see if anything would catch my attention. I had the hardest time trying to locate the CD so I finally resorted to a digital version of this now rarity by Nokturnal Mortum entitled Twilightfall. Nokturnal Mortum seem like a more extreme version of Drukdh when it comes to black metal. I thoroughly enjoy them more even though they are both from Ukraine. Nokturnal Mortum had enjoyable acoustic elements in this album as well my favourite track quickly became “Cry of Ukraina”. Interestingly enough the name seems fitting for the current political turmoil the country is facing.

Nokturnal Mortum – Taste of Victory

Nokturnal Mortum proved themselves with this album. This was the first album I heard of theirs. I was blown away. Regardless of the Nationalist Socialist ideologies I have heard them being accused of, the music can not be overlooked for its content. The folk elements are blended quite naturally interwoven with black metal at a slow pace. The vocals accompany well with screaming to singing at just the right times. The band hails from Ukraine and they have grasped the ears of many who don’t support their political ideals. If you haven’t heard this CD, you are missing out on a spectacular piece of black metal. No need to mention songs on this release, just listen to it!