Spectral Lore – Gnosis


I have been hearing alot of great music in the black metal genre recently. One of the more recent albums is Ghnosis by Spectral Lore. Infusing Greek instrumentation with psychedelic black metal sounds the music is just as philosophical as the ancient Greeks.


Shroud Of The Heretic – Unorthodox Equilibrium


An excellent track is the title track Unorthodox Equilibrium. Misspelled on the cover art. Interesting sketch art. If your going to give this album a shot, the first track is the only track that had me and it went downhill from there.

Slugathor – Echoes From Beneath


Death metal from Finland. I was hooked on this album the minute it started to play. The music had a heavy black metal sound to it and the whole album seemed to flow through all the tracks. I would recommend this to fans of black metal and doom metal for its slow metal style. Released back in 2009 on vinyl and cd formats by Drakkar the band was active for a decade having formed in 1999 and disbanding after this release. With only release after this one which was a compilation album released in 2010 by their original label Time Before Time.

Nokturnal Mortum – Twilightfall


After listening to a lot of Drudkh I finally decided to look back into Nokturnal Mortum. Although I have some of their albums mentioned in my blog already, I decided to try the ones over again that I hadn’t mentioned to see if anything would catch my attention. I had the hardest time trying to locate the CD so I finally resorted to a digital version of this now rarity by Nokturnal Mortum entitled Twilightfall. Nokturnal Mortum seem like a more extreme version of Drukdh when it comes to black metal. I thoroughly enjoy them more even though they are both from Ukraine. Nokturnal Mortum had enjoyable acoustic elements in this album as well my favourite track quickly became “Cry of Ukraina”. Interestingly enough the name seems fitting for the current political turmoil the country is facing.

Nightbringer / Serpentinam


Well, lets start with the artwork. Its a damn superb job.

This was released by Forever Plagued Records in 2006 as MLP 10″ Vinyl Record.

The band Nightbringer has disappointed me with their latest releases including “Apocalypse Sun” where only “Fount of the Nighted God-Head” got my attention as the minutes on the album where ticking away.

Instead I opted to test out another earlier work by them, this time a split with Serpentinam.

Nightbringer exemplify their creative skills at their best with the two tracks of long eerie chills clocking just over 10minutes of contribution to this split release.

One Master ‎– The Quiet Eye Of Eternity


Their where a few things about this that drew me to the CD. The first thing was the artwork giving it a very esoteric occult vibe to it. Having liked some work by Nightbringer who is in that category I decided to give One Master a try. They didn’t leave much disappointment other than intrigue. The best track for me was The Destroyer Part I. They seem active since 2002 with their latest 2014 release being a live album. Between the years they have had two full length releases – with this being one of them. They have generally garnered great reviews of their albums but have failed to follow up quickly with new material. Before I judge them to be great, I should probably give their other release Forsaking A Dead World a listen.

Ankhagram – Where Are You Now


I thought it was a black metal album but I was wrong. I`ll be honest, the only reason I gave Ankhagram a chance despite not being able to properly pronounce the name of the band itself was the youtube cover song of Kids I discovered. It was such a great remake in a dark doom fashion that I ended up getting the CD to hear the rest of the album leading to it. The album had a flow to it and not having researched the band I thought it was suppose to be a black metal album. It didn’t leave any room for disappointment though as I quickly discovered it was one of the best doom pieces I had heard with not just the remake of “kids” but also “the mistress” and “K.O.D.”. The band has had multiple releases since 2005 but has gone into hiatus in 2013 with the one-man-bands personal life according to the latest post on their website. Great artwork and presentation and overall collectors must. I hope the doom reviews are giving this piece just as much applause as a black metal follower.