Mute Ocean – Overcoming The Void


This CD took me by surprise. Due to time constraints I haven’t dedicated as much time to music listening. This one stole the limelight as being a random great find especially considering the band just released this in 2014 through Hypnotic Dirge Records (Canadian label).

Some notable favourite tracks include Escape The Earth, Wanderer, Colossus, and Overcoming the Void.

They remind me specifically of Slagmaur without the instrumentation since this band is pure black metal. They still seem to amaze with their raw energy with the music being very transcendental creating atmosphere.

The band hails from St.Petersburg, Russia and now they are surely on my watch list for future albums.


Harvist – Lighning Storm In The Veins


Harvist, a black metal band from the USA which saw two releases on Dark Horizon Records was unique in their approach to black metal with slow depressive moments like in the track Trolls Bane. They had a great opening track “Daybreak on Dayview” and a very catchy “Harvesters Hymn”. Enough to score the album into my pile of worthy listening¬†even though there seemed to always have been something missing from their overall sound. Regardless the band is now defunct having spanned a decade in existence and leaving behind a trail of easy to find and very inexpensive cd albums behind.