Theraphosa – Hung Like Mussolini

hungI was going through some random music channels and I heard the Azan (holy prayer) start to play. I immediately thought some form of wrong channel was probably playing the malware or spyware that triggered the Islamic music on my computer seeing as how I was searching for middle eastern music infused with metal.

Instead it was a mistake – the song soon became metal infused with the holy prayer. Indeed the song was an “Adzhan”, an intro by the band Theraphosa for their demo release. I tried to search them out for some information but very little information was found on them. They don’t seem to be black metal but the track certainly got my attention for their novelty and intrigue.

So I have nothing more to say about them due to a lack of information having been found on this band who is from the United States. Other than the introductory track I would recommend “Neda” from their album Hung Like Mussolini.