Inquisition – Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm


This is the first Inquisition album to make it on my list even though they have garnered a major cult following from all their previous works. They are extremely raw black metal originating from Germany on a well known established underground German black metal label No Colors. They continue to be a force with each new album even though this is the first album by them that has caught my attention. The first seven minutes sounded promising of what was to come until the track “desolate funeral chant” which was where the album really spearheaded into greatness. The sound reminded me of Slagmaur – haze, confusion and mysterious sounding. it lead into the track Cosmic Invocation Rites which would be given a similar description as the previous track with its swirling guitar sounds. The title of the album seemed to have defined the sound quite well the album sounded unlike any past Inquisition albums.


Potentiam – Balsyn

A great album from 1999 on Wounded Love Records. My favourite track was 5. Potentiam is showing to be active on metal-archives even though their last release was in 2007 which was not new material but instead a compilation. It would be great to hear more from this band as they remind me closely to Godkiller who was also on the same label.