Ajattara – Noitumaa


Acoustic black metal? I had never heard of something like that but after hearing this divergent release that still remains harsh as your average black meal album from Ajattara – I certainly have a new found subgenre that I would like to see take off. This is one of the most interesting black metal albums I have ever heard. Its probably the last review of an Ajattara album on my blog as the band is now defunct and their follow up release Murhat sounded a lot like their previous albums so its not even worth mentioning aside this one. The notable tracks from this release are “massat” and “ikuisen aamun sara” which has a music video listed up on youtube.


Ajattara – Itse


There is no other band that I have heard that utilizes this form of black metal. The artwork on this release was intriguing. My favourite tracks on this release where Yhdeksäs, Verivalta  Kuolevan Rukous. They seem to start strong with their releases and then waver into the album sounding all-alike but nonetheless its a good album.

Ajattara – Kuolema


Ajattara, who are now split up, where one of my favourite black metal acts. They haven’t issued any vinyls of their releases otherwise I would have all of them in my collection. Their sound was quite unique and aggressive especially with the Finnish language. I think they remain to be my favourite band from Finland thus far. It seems like the band has split up with some members having formed a new band called Datura Nemesis. I haven’t seen any release or heard their new works under that name yet. From Kuolema which means “death” in Finnish my favourite tracks where Antakaa Elsaa and Haureus.

Nokturnal Mortum – Weltanschauung


I have been very pleased with Nokturnal Mortum and their releases. They are deeply rich black metal from Ukraine. Their black metal sounds reminds me of Darkestrah (meanwhile Drudkh would be the equivalent to Al-Namrood). Folk black metal is always an interesting thing except when the bands becomes overly nationalistic. Thus far I have been basing my reviews on Nokturnal Mortum on their musical ability and sound rather than focusing on the bands belief system. Although those that boycott a band for their beliefs despite their good music are not wrong to do so – as its the lifeblood of the artist to gain fans and monetary value to do more of its work. It is unfortunate that Nokturnal Mortum is defined as NSBM which claims white supremacy. So what is the stance on something like this… is it art or is it political? Should an artist be boycotted for its political beliefs? Well, I have since decided to sell off my entire Nokturnal Mortum collection even though I praise their music.