Nokturnal Mortum – Twilightfall


After listening to a lot of Drudkh I finally decided to look back into Nokturnal Mortum. Although I have some of their albums mentioned in my blog already, I decided to try the ones over again that I hadn’t mentioned to see if anything would catch my attention. I had the hardest time trying to locate the CD so I finally resorted to a digital version of this now rarity by Nokturnal Mortum entitled Twilightfall. Nokturnal Mortum seem like a more extreme version of Drukdh when it comes to black metal. I thoroughly enjoy them more even though they are both from Ukraine. Nokturnal Mortum had enjoyable acoustic elements in this album as well my favourite track quickly became “Cry of Ukraina”. Interestingly enough the name seems fitting for the current political turmoil the country is facing.


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