Cult of Fire – Ascetic Meditation of Death


This was a random band I just discovered. I must say this was an interesting discovery. Having released two albums Triumvirat (2012) and then Ascetic Meditation Of Death (2013); both which are available on vinyl and cd formats in small editions it seems like they changed drastically in sound and artistic endeavours from the first to the second release.

The first release didn’t sound Indian influenced at all and thus the magic of their sound was missing. With the change in theme, concept and sound for their follow up in 2013 they seem to have drawn up a new life for themselves. Their latest offering was exemplary for Indian tinged black metal that I heard previously through the mantra ridden Kalki Avatara (avant-garde black metal).

Their second release seemed to have a solid black metal foundation which only improved with the Indian influence such as in my favourite tracks Kali Ma, and When Death Is All. They are coming of unheard black metal labels Necroshine and Ironbonehead. Indian influenced black metal from Czech Republic.


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