Nightbringer / Serpentinam


Well, lets start with the artwork. Its a damn superb job.

This was released by Forever Plagued Records in 2006 as MLP 10″ Vinyl Record.

The band Nightbringer has disappointed me with their latest releases including “Apocalypse Sun” where only “Fount of the Nighted God-Head” got my attention as the minutes on the album where ticking away.

Instead I opted to test out another earlier work by them, this time a split with Serpentinam.

Nightbringer exemplify their creative skills at their best with the two tracks of long eerie chills clocking just over 10minutes of contribution to this split release.


Al-Namrood – Estorat Taghoot


The second full length that was delivered by the Saudi black metallers saw a change in sound from their previous release with the departure of their vocalist. This release was very Arabian influenced with a great introduction. The sound was more heavier with Arabian riffs and death metal style vocals delivered by Mardus. The change in sound still benefited the band exemplifying the many ranges they can flow on. The 2010 release was a prelude to their 2-year hiatus as they followed up with Kitab Al Awthan. Still amazing is the fact that they continue to record black metal in a country where dissent is largely suppressed and freedom of expression may not exist.

Wyrd – Heathen


I wasn’t very fascinated by hearing this initially but something about hearing this release on vinyl got me hooked. I have both the CD and Vinyl versions of this release but for some reason the giant artwork and music seem to make it a natural collectors item for a black metal fan. It has strong black metal moments coupled with acoustic folkish moments. A highly recommended album preferably on vinyl.

Al-Namrood – Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq


Al-Namrood with their 4th full length release Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq. A very drastic change in the sound of Al-Namrood but strangely fitting to their style with the addition of Humbabas unique vocal skillset. The sound is much heavier and the vocals tend to mock the listener. Often times in tracks like Youm Yukram Al Jaban and Bat Al Tha Ar Nar Muheja it sounds like a call-to-war with the riling up his tyrannical psychopathic voice. They maintain their dominance with this release and it seems like we will never know what else they can do to keep the momentum flowing with now delivering 5 releases to date not including a split release. This version of their CD will see the light on vinyl format which will be a first for Al-Namrood.

Nightbringer – Death and the Black Work


I was very disappointed by their work ” Hierophany Of The Open Grave” which was a more recent work. Maybe the band has changed direction. Their artwork was just as useless on that release. However I applaud their earlier works like the split with Temple of Not, and now ofcourse “Death and the Black Work”. This release was quite impressive in creating a long eerie occult imagination in my head. Seemingly with the pictures I have seen of the band next to a bonfire; the music did underscore their ritual yearnings through musical and visual art impressions. The CD was originally released in 2008 but has since been reissued in 2012 by Forever Plagued in a 2 disc format. The 3LP vinyl is now a collectors lust hovering at high prices $60-$100.

One Master ‎– The Quiet Eye Of Eternity


Their where a few things about this that drew me to the CD. The first thing was the artwork giving it a very esoteric occult vibe to it. Having liked some work by Nightbringer who is in that category I decided to give One Master a try. They didn’t leave much disappointment other than intrigue. The best track for me was The Destroyer Part I. They seem active since 2002 with their latest 2014 release being a live album. Between the years they have had two full length releases – with this being one of them. They have generally garnered great reviews of their albums but have failed to follow up quickly with new material. Before I judge them to be great, I should probably give their other release Forsaking A Dead World a listen.