Al-Namrood – Jaish Al-Namrood


Atba’a Al-Namrood, the song that started it all for Al-Namrood to set the tone of their black metal prose.  The track remains hypnotic with eerie keyboard use and drumming with a much more crisp and refined sound quality then their initial release.  Their original tracks mood has never escaped me; the feel of absolute anger pouring from a tormented soul. Their title and defining Atba’a Al-Namrood remain exceptionally hypnotic and transcendental.

The sound is much more heavier on Jaish Al-Namrood compared to their initial release which seemed like obscure underground black metal but added to the effect of their sound. The band has defined their far-reaching capabilities in sound and instrumentation between the two releases which saw 3 full lengths. 

Jaish Al-Namrood is limited to 250 copies and comes in a special tin box with an embellished logo and postcard style artwork with 5 tracks. Their initial release Atba’a Al-Namrood release is a jewel case cd with 4 tracks. While their sound quality was going through changes so too was their artwork.