Ankhagram – Where Are You Now


I thought it was a black metal album but I was wrong. I`ll be honest, the only reason I gave Ankhagram a chance despite not being able to properly pronounce the name of the band itself was the youtube cover song of Kids I discovered. It was such a great remake in a dark doom fashion that I ended up getting the CD to hear the rest of the album leading to it. The album had a flow to it and not having researched the band I thought it was suppose to be a black metal album. It didn’t leave any room for disappointment though as I quickly discovered it was one of the best doom pieces I had heard with not just the remake of “kids” but also “the mistress” and “K.O.D.”. The band has had multiple releases since 2005 but has gone into hiatus in 2013 with the one-man-bands personal life according to the latest post on their website. Great artwork and presentation and overall collectors must. I hope the doom reviews are giving this piece just as much applause as a black metal follower.