Warlust / Pestis – The Final War / Plagueridden

Warlust seem to be have been defunct for over a decade but this split release with Pestis was released through Regimental Records in 2007. It was intense war-like metal best exemplified through the track “Murder of God”. Pestis seemed to have only a single track on this split release but they have followed up with a full length album on regimental records in 2011.


In The Woods – A Return To The Isle of Men


I had not heard any of their material before, but “In The Woods” was quite impressive with this black metal piece especially tracks “Tell De Dode” and “Child of Universal Tongue”. This release was a compilation album with tracks having been re-recorded with better quality in 1996, so the music is reminiscient of early 90’s raw black metal for a reason. I wouldn’t recommend any of their follow up albums since they changed to progressive metal and I remember learning this after hearing their Omnio release. They live through the well-known Green Carnation moniker which has been signed to End Records and Season Of Mist. The Green Carnation band is apparently on hold as well ever since 2007, so they may just be defunct.

Sarratum – Slave Gods


This release by Sarratum was impressive. The band originally from Turkey has released a full length album in 2012 which is probably worth your time to listen to if you want to hear good underground black metal. This release by Sarratum was a split release with Prayer Of The Dying. His releases have never been officially released other than CDr or online download so dont bother trying to look for the CDs.

Eklipse – Electric Air


This release was a let down to say the least. They came off as strong on their first release but they rarely where as impressive. They reminded me of an earlier Virgin Black who later became worse with subsequent releases as they blended in with the rest. The same thing happend here – it just sounded like classical music to me. Assassins Creed, Set Fire To The Rain, and Ode to Joy where the most engaging songs although the album has made me lose interest in following this band with such intrigue.