Ashen Light

There is no English on the artwork to identify this CD easily, and although I did look it up and found the name, what’s the point, you wont find it in English anyway. Aside the frustrating buy and sell of this CD – I wasn’t too enthralled by the graphic art. Nonetheless, despite all that I gave them a listen and I have to say they know what they are doing with black metal. The starting track was where it began and from there I would recommend the 3rd track. Its some good Russian black metal. No one said they have to play by our rules (English) to be good at music!


Am’Ganesha’n – Eleftheria

I was quite unsure of how this CD would turn out and I wasn’t expecting much. It turned out to be quite haunting at times, and I stress the fact at times. What took away and killed the ambiance of this music was the vocals. If they didn’t exist ion this CD I would have given it a 10/10  – but unfortunately I give this only a 5/10 for a hard try. It was interesting and exotic to listen to.

Abazagorath ‎– Enshrined Blasphemer

So I put this CD into my player thinking this is going to be some extremely raw black metal or something along the lines of death metal that I just wont like – I was proved wrong – this is raw black metlal and it is quite intriguing for a mini album not evening making it to 30minutes but leaving me impressed with the introduction through the end. Don’t let first impressions fool you!