I mentioned a great folk metal album by these guys nebelheim. Now I have to say if you can get a hold of their album called Nordwind (limited to 300 copies by Trollzorn) dammit do it! Its amazing even though I was laughing at some songs I heard since it sounded like clown metal (or circus metal) even though I just made that term up. The artwork is always great on their albums. After hearing the Funkenfeuer album I already knew they are worth following.


Bilskirnir – Hyperborea

A highly recommend 20 minute listen of great black metal. With 4 full lengths to date and many EPs under this German bands discography – I am hopeful that there is more great black metal to be found there. Not to mention the great choice of artwork.

**I listened to more work by this band other than their 2013 unleashing. I would say this band has a very raw sound and some great raw black metal overall. Its definitely a band to follow if your into raw black metal. One thing I noticed was this band is NSBM. Its surprising to see that many great black metal bands belong to this group.**

Wyrd – Vargtimmen Pt 2

I was giving these guys a shot to impress me again with some long dark atmospheric black metal tracks. I saw they had largely positive reviews from the black metal community. In fact they seem to have some solid black metal work through their releases like Vargtimmen Pt 1, Heathen and Huldrafolk that I listened to recently. It wasn’t until this release that I bothered to write anything about them, since there was just this one track on this album that got my attention “Ghost of Winter”. I would still say this was a solid black metal piece. They seem to have had almost a release every year between 2001-2009 with nothing new since then. They still have some more works I need to check out as they look promising.

Darkestrah – Sary Oy

sary oy
Darkestrah have largely disappointed me with their recent releases Manas and Khagan. I attempted to listen to their other album Epos which I thought to be a let down for the most part as well. I still remain a huge fan of their works with some of their other works like the Great Silk Road and Embrace of Memory which you have probably read me praise throughout my blog. Like my other favorite band Virgin Black, they seem to have come at a standstill in creativity in music and sound. Instead I will focus on an unreviewed album of theirs from prior to their glory of an underground black metal band to follow with their album Sary Oy. This was quite an interesting listen especially considering that it was black metal but at times it was too beautiful to even fathom it as much. I can only hope they regain themselves in a future release.

Lento – Earthen

lento_earthen_cdSupernaturals, Record One

I remember hearing this release when it first came out in 2007 and being addicted to a few of their songs on here. I highly recommend this album for a listen. I haven’t heard their two follow up albums of which there have been two but after recently re-discovering this band I surely hope to test out their latest works. It is outside my normal tastes of black metal being atmospheric sludge metal. The bass melodies is what had me addicted to this band especially now that I have much higher quality speakers to get the full depth. My favorite track on this CD is “need” (track 2).

Updating the review literally a day later about their “Supernaturals Record One” release with Ufomammut, which I would say was just as exquisite. Tracks “Pain Burns Smoke…”, “Down”, and “Maestoso”.