Blut Aus Nord – The Work Which Transforms God

Quite an interesting listen, I really enjoyed “The Choir of the Dead” for its psychedelic feel along with “The Howling of God”. The remaining tracks like “Our Blessed Frozen Cells” kept the CD solid.


Lifelover – Sjukdom

Lifelover had returned in 2011 with a new release which I just heard today. I first listened to this CD in my car since I was lacking time these days and I feared that it might be a let-down since I have been many times disappointed by forthcoming albums by a band that starts off great. However lifelover maintain their status of being one of the greats of black metal. I felt like the CD had its depressive black metal moments like Konkurs (tracks Svart Galla, Led By Misfortune)┬ábut also was a bit harder at times (track Homicidal Tendencies). The keyboarding and black metal where used with effect. From what I understand due to the death of the frontman lifelover is now split up with this being their last album. They certainly left with being on top of their game through their albums.┬áTheir digipack artwork was just as intriguing. I would give this CD an overall approval to purchase, by far the best track was “Bitterljuv Kakonfoni” – haunting screams, slow drumming melody reminiscent of releasing pain through solitude.