Fen – Epoch

I never understood why their initial album was praised “ancient sorrow”, equally this album. I found only one hopeful track on this album Epoch as the introduction, and then suddenly it was a waste of an hour hoping for it to somehow gain its momentum after the initial track. Their artwork is always interesting though, but it doesn’t make up for the lack of musical ability.


Equimanthorn – Second Sephira Cella

secondA highly recommended album for those looking for a mystical twitch to eastern melodies that sound exquisitely haunting at times. Give importance to tracks 3, 10, 11, and 12 when playing this album – and you wont be disappointed.

Arkan – Hilal

This release had quite an interesting packaging and design. I wasn’t a fan of their death metal music as much as their calmer moments on this release like Lamma Bada, Athaoura and Chaos Cypher. The music had undertones of middle eastern flavor in their death metal, and it will certainly appeal to you if you are a death metal fan. They are signed to Frances reputable Season of Mist label and are actually located within France. They already have a second release out that I have yet to hear.

Elend – A World In Their Screams


elendThe start to this cd was intriguing as it reminded me of their later works rather than their earlier works which I was quite disappointed by. Strange female or children sounds with haunted eerie drumming begins I would say with the track Ondes De Sang. The official chase through the woods begins with Le Devoreur which was simply a thrill ride to sit through. The case continues through Le Fleuve Infini Des Morts. A very symphonic Je Rassemblais Tes Membres follows. Another very lively track of that eerie haunting vibe was Stasis. The remaining portion of the album continues its path of eerie music and haunting soundscapes so I suggest you pick this album up. The band is apparently on hold as of my recent check on their status as I was expecting more of this style of music. This last album was from 2008 so a new album is long overdue, or at least someone to fill the gap in making this music.