Unanimated – In The Light of Darkness


The Endless Beyond was the only track remotely decent on this album from my standpoint, however I give it recognition for its nicely designed artwork all over including the CD.


Meads of Asphodel – The Excommunication of Christ

It was about a year ago since I heard their other album “The Early Years”. I must recommend this album for its exotic approach to metal. Especially the song “Pale Dread Hunger” which moves each time I hear it. Don`t pass this one by for their quirkiness in appearance as a band (which set me away initially), they deserve a chance to be heard as they are quite good at what they do. Looking forward to hearing their latest album on Candlelight Records in 2010 – The Murder of Jesus The Jew.

Lord Wind – Ales Stenar


A masterpiece of an album to say the least. I was expecting it to be a black metal album but it was more folkish ambient in nature. This is the first of their music I have heard even though they have prior releases. The artwork on this CD was quite fitting to the music. I was not at all surprised that the man behind Graveland was behind this music. If your into acoustic music – this will be for you. The music keeps you interested and doesn`t get boring or repetitive. I highly recommend this album.

Graveland – Fire Chariot of Destruction


This CD explodes into black metal with the track ‘War Wolf’ a track that lasts 10minutes in length and keeps you quite on the brink of an escapsulating battlefield. The war continues on with another track of war music ‘river of tears’, and here is where I stop attempting to explain the CD and just urge you to give it a shot if you want to hear some good raw black metal by a well known band Graveland and their well-known label No Colors.