Mort – Godless Dominion

Mort is a black metal outfit from Germany. Going raw in their sound I recommend the track “Godless Dominion”, “Stormride”,  and “Reign In Hate”. This is one of the few albums I would recommend that contains raw black metal with a very good approach to their sound.


Slagmaur – Von Rov Shelter

This album just caught me off guard. I recommend this album in its entirety. The album begins as if was a soundtrack album for a horror movie with “Von Rov Shelter”. With an immediate launch into a very distorted black metal sound with “Drako Gigante”. The music just causes mad hysteria and a feeling of haze at the onset. Without being able to distinguish how it should be defined. The first thoughts that appear to my mind are loss of mind. The vocals are equally well blended and suited just taunting away from the delirium it caused.  Although I praise this album entirely, I give special significance to “Klokker Tramp”. This track was by far my favorite track on this album. Reminding me of my favorite bands Virgin Black and Elend. The horror and epic nature of this track would make this suitable for a theatrical work – since it spurs such imagination. Going through many episodes within the track to my shock I heard almost like a symphony in the midst of the confusion of their black metal arrangement which could easily be termed avantgarde.  This black metal album is a masterpiece. Be prepared to be lead into a frenzy.

Thy Catafalque – Roka Hasa Radio

A recommended album. I was expecting nothing of this album as I thought it would be doom metal. Turns out they where quite avant-garde in their approach. That’s probably what got them the attention to be on Season of Mist. This specific album was released by underground label long standing label Epidemie. After listening to the album once – I found the first half of this album to be very solid making me last through the remaining of the second half of the album even though the interest began to fade as the album continued its length. I would recommend the first 3 tracks (Szervetlen, Molekularis Gepezetek, and Kod Utanam).