Marduk – Nightwing

This album is a must have for black metal enthusiasts. Black metal at its finest. Its the first full length I would recommend by Marduk to anyone. If you haven’t heard this album you are missing out on a great piece. Listen to Anno Domini 1476 almost ritualistic sounding like its an attempt to make you join the evil legions of the dark side. Also “Lord Impaler” with its viciousness through each riff, and the title track “Nightwing”. Just buy this album already!


Grimoire – A Requiem For The Light

“At Dark” was such an interesting escape track. Almost a journey depicted through the man’s leap on the cover with battles raging through. The black metal track lasted only a mere 3minutes and 40 seconds. This band had potential but they seem to have been disbanded now. Their other interesting track taking a similar approach of painting landscapes and imagery was “Vampires” but nothing close to “At Dark”. They made it to Euphonious Records and then never followed up. Black metal at its finest from 16 years ago. The majority of the album is worth checking out even though I mentioned only one real notable track.

Lustre – Night Spirit

Long tracks of black metal encompass this release. Released under the ATMPF label this band has had follow up albums. Not a surprise as this band knows how to create atmosphere in their black metal using keyboards and a steady black metal pace. The artwork is taken by the band member himself apparently and it is quite appealing. Its an album worth checking out although its not quite spectacular. Both tracks eaech are about 20minutes in length.