Skogen – Svitjod

A somewhat different approach to black metal with their melodic tunes and acoustic moments of despair. The second track ” Häxsabbat (Crimen Laesae Divinae Maiestatis) ” stole the spotlight for me. I would also give the title track Svitjod a listen. Overall this band looks promising.


Endura – Black Eden

“When God Was A Snake” was a 10-minute ritualistic ambient track that with mesmerizing tabla and ambiance. Hypnotizing and dizzying as the track continues in its repetitive play of instruments. I would recommend the album based just on this one track. The gold artwork made the final touches on this release. Another interesting track to seek on this album is “A Golden Heresy”.

Arallu – Desert Battles

This release was certainly different than their other material. This one was oriental black metal complete with oud and tabla. With middle eastern rhythms and sultan style tunes with black metal. The only part I deplored here was the vocals. They seemed to have been intrusive and in the way of the majestic black metal. At times being very high like heavy metal vocals. Their past releases where nothing of this sort.