Dodsferd – Desecrating The Spirit of Life

“Krucifixion of Human Disgust” which is the first track was the only track I found to be interesting and intriguing. I sat there listening to the rest of the album with high hopes because of the first track however nothing further caught my attention.


Kampfar – Norse

This short 12-minute release by Kampfar has become a rarity. The release overall is nothing special. Each track has its moments. “Troll” has a melodic black metal riff leading from 1min-4min into the track before it trails off, and “Taering” is a acoustic track with very evil sounding vocals. Overall is the release anything special? No. It has its moments though. Released in 1998 by Hammerheart.

Moonblood / Deathspell Omega Split

Based on the fact that the release was a bootleg I assumed the sound quality would destroy any such good black metal on an album. However sound quality was just right and this album was  solid black metal release. Its a split between a well known band Deathspell Omega and an obscure underground well-known black metal band Moonblood. Although I recommend this album as a whole to anyone who has not heard either band I have a few favorite tracks on this release. My absolute favorite being by Deathspell Omega “Morbid Rituals” ; also by Moonblood “Forgotten Spells In Forests Nocturnal”, “Bells of Apocalypse”, and “I Hail The Night”.

Mysticum – Lost Masters Of The Universe

A very popular release by Planet Satan Revolution. I believe it is sold out and rare to find now. This release has been very popular in the underground black metal scene. I finally found myself giving this CD a listen, and now I know why. The black metal contained on this album is of poor quality in sound quality but compensates by providing pure black metal at its finest. It seems to be a raw primitive version of black metal. The artwork is very matching to the music contained within. If you like obscure black metal with primitive roots this is for you. My suggested tracks for you are “Wintermass”, “Demons Never Sleep” (they also have another release out with this album title) “The Shattered Soul”, and “The Kingdom Comes”. My absolute favorite track was “Black Magic Mushrooms”.