Elend – Winds Devouring Men

Elend is the best neoclassical band I have ever heard. The music contained within this album is theatrical and haunting. I had never heard anything like this album before. Its a dark escape that always reminds me of a journey through mountains at night while in a car. That lonely terrified feeling being in the car knowing there is nothing around for kilometers on end; it creates a suspense of sorts that leads to nowhere. Its a play on imagination almost like a nightmare; that once the CD stops one has  awoken from. One of the few releases I enjoyed from Holy Records.

I finally listened to another album of Elend. This album titled “Les Tenebres Du Dehors” was nothing like the “Winds Devouring Men” album that I reviewed above.  This seems to have been an earlier work by Elend, so I am glad that they went on to making much better eerie compositions rather than this average neo-classical release. Their artwork on this release was enchanting as most of their releases.


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