Septic Flesh – Sumerian Daemons

A highly popular release by Septic Flesh released by Candlelight Records in the USA. Although I am not a fan of death metal there were some tracks that caught my attention on this release like “Faust” and “When All Is None”. No doubt the band is death metal in their music. Septic Flesh is one of the most popular bands in the genre having had many releases that are now rarities. I have not heard their other albums however the majority of their releases are becoming rarities.


Tiamat – A Deeper Kind of Slumber

Right from the start of this CD (which was also my favorite track at this point – “Cold Seed”). The rest of the tracks led a natural flow into the next maintaining the strength of the album and its constant lure into the next track. My next favorite track was “The Whores of Babylon”.  This is not a black metal album but surely is impressive with catchy dream tunes.

Sigh – Hangman’s Hymn / Gallow’s Gallery

After hearing much about Sigh. Not having heard the music on “Scorn Defeat”, I had the chance to listen to the first album above “Gallow’s Gallery”. I couldn’t get myself to enjoy the music although it was very unique especially considered that they are often times labeled black metal. I didn’t see how they could be labelled as such unless “Scorn Defeat” had an entirely different sound altogether as I noticed the wide gap between Sigh “Gallows Gallery” and “Hangman’s Hymn”. Equally I found “Hangman’s Hymn” to be just as interesting. I have yet to hear their latest release “Scenes From Hell” and the earlier release “Scorn Defeat”. They sound like a promising band with the vocals and some interesting elements in their music that at times sound very Asian.

Luror – The Iron Hand of Blackest Terror

My favorite track on this release was “From Dawn to Death” unfortunately it didn’t last very long in its catchy black metal riffing glory ending just before the 2 minute mark. The following track “Smoke and Stardust” lasted a good 7minutes with your average black metal sound but nothing so special to grab your senses. The rest of the album was a solid black metal album but nothing else seemed to have caught my attention other than the two first songs that showed potential to develop but never did throughout the album. Nothing special but above average in the black metal category.

Lifelover – Konkurs

An overall exceptional album of melodic black metal. Lifelover somewhat reminds me of Wyrd. Notable favorite tracks include “Cancertid”, “Narcotic Devotion”, and “Bitter Reflektion”. Highly acclaimed album that doesn’t need any further explanation. I have yet to hear other Lifelover albums.

Rukkanor – Deora

A very interesting release with “Defenders of Faith” being my favorite track. Its a calm listening experience with ethnic elements in subtle forms. I heard the repress version which came housed in a digipack. Rukkanor is a project I intend on listening more to.