Darkestrah – The Great Silk Road

One of the best black metal albums I have ever heard. One of my all time favorite track Cult of Tengri is on this release. The CD comes in two variant designs with one being a digipack and the other a jewel case (pictured). The other tracks are just as epic with eastern soundscapes, depressive riffs, and very strong black metal vocals used at the proper times. Their is a wide variety of usage of instruments that mend well within the music to create a picturesque image in your mind of the Great Silk Road in its darkest glory. The journey of Kary-Oy is filled with melodic black metal riffs and an epic feel from mountainous echoes of black metal vocals. Their music has a very filled black metal sound which keeps it interesting to listen to. The journey of Kary-Oy changes pace at about the 8minute mark where it leads from intense black metal assault into the calm winds. Best to sit back and spend the hour listening to this release as it takes you from across the Asian continent and makes you dream of the dark lit moon.

Updated: July 2013, I just discovered that my favorite track on this album Cult Tengri actually is a common sound of Turkey, Russia (Nogai Dombra).


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