Wyrd / Haive / Kehra

A very slow and methodological black metal starting track on this split. The first song blew me away “Vieraala Maala”; I had never heard something so elegantly orchestrated as a black metal track that lasted for a great 10minutes. Ever since I have been interested in hearing more of Wyrd but have not had the chance to. The vocals where very addictive although clearly where not perfect. This split release having that one track took me by surprise.  Wyrd continued to impress me with their following “Uupunut” track. Haive’s track “I Raina” had a very folk feel to it with a blend of black metal – it seemed to be missing something although passed enough to not be bored listening to it. “Raina II” seemed to have been the prelude to the melodic “Raina III” that stood out as an interesting listen. Kehra ended the CD with “The Forest” which was a solid black metal track lasting about 10minutes similar to the opening track. The quality of this release was great. The black metal on this CD was at times ideal. I look forward to hearing more from these three bands Wyrd, Haive, Kehra due to hearing this split.


The Meads of Asphodel – The Early Years

This album on my favorites list came as a bit shock to myself. It seemed as though the band was making a mockery out of the eastern cultures and their music. Although I have not looked up the band’s motives or spent enough time analyzing their lyrics – so I’m judging on a very superficial value of the music. The music throughout had Eastern elements fused with somewhat of a heavy black metal sound to the album. I have many favorite tracks on this cd making it apart of my permanent collection with “Gleaming Red Serpent” which picks up its exotic flavor at the 3minute mark. Pale Dread Hunger which does the same at the 4 minute mark. “Paradise” contained some verbal propaganda against religion. “Another God In Another Place” had a tune from Hindi music mixed with a heavy black metal sound which sounded very well formed and proper. Which I should go to mention many of the other tunes in this album are of a blend between the middle eastern and south asian tunes and instruments. They reside in UK so I’m assuming they are aware of these cultures to a higher degree since UK houses many immigrants from these countries. The album overall was brilliant however I became aware later that this was a compilation album. In that case, this compilation is one of the best compilation albums I’ve heard. Released by Godreah in 2009 with music taken from albums from 1998-2002.

Godkiller – The End of the World

This album was a great release by this band. At times the vocals become irritating and they seemed to have drifted away from black metal with other influences apparent on this release. The sound to my ears sounded much like mainstream rock if it wasn’t for the vocals to be a variant of black metal style of vocals. The production on this release was fabulous.

Odor Mortis – Coagula

Satanic black metal at its finest. The music has a twisted eerie black metal sound to it. The first track Izbrannyi was very melodic and catchy. The rest of the album exemplifies a good taste of black metal endeavor. I have yet to hear their other works but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were this good. This was apparently their last work and they hail from Russia. The artwork itself had a mysterious feeling. This is an underrated album as the black metal contained within this CD deserves much more attention. Get these while you still can they are limited to 616 copies.

Behemoth – Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)

I have listened to Behemoth’s new works like Apostasy. I found it to be death metal and thus not interesting to me. I recently heard this album of theirs from an earlier time of the bands history. This album took my by surprise at how great they were as a black metal act. The very first track lured me into this album “Chant of the Eastern Lands”. After prelude the following track to take my attention was “From the Pagan Vastlands”. Overall I’d say this was a great example of Behemoth as a black metal act. I am not a fan of their newer works to say the least.

Kartikeya – Mahayuga

This is the latest release by Kartikeya. I had heard of their earlier work “Battle Begins”. They had some potential, and for those who enjoy death metal with exotic instrumentation this would be a choice for them. Being primarily centered around black metal I still enjoyed some moments on this CD. “Fields of Kurukshetra” at about the 2 minute marks picks up to my liking, and the track “Kali Yuga” which I enjoyed for its death metal interpretation of a classic Arabic folk song where the tune becomes prominent at about 8 minutes into the track. Its great to see a contender to Rudra.

Darkestrah – Embrace Of Memory

Another album of Darkestrah has made my list of favorites. This time “Embrace of Memory”. With my absolute unforgettable epic journey of a song Akyr Zaman. Intense black metal fused with rhythmic melodies and black metal riffs. It is pretty clear to see why a label like No Colors has become popular in the underground with releases like these under its belt. There other songs on this album where interesting enough to stay awake with nice melodies like in ‘Human Hopes’ but nothing compares to Akyr Zaman. There is this fascination of reviewers to focus on the fact that the band is not from Europe although profoundly well organized in producing black metal; the music is what counts and artistic skills can never be limited by geographic distinctions.