Slugathor – Echoes From Beneath


Death metal from Finland. I was hooked on this album the minute it started to play. The music had a heavy black metal sound to it and the whole album seemed to flow through all the tracks. I would recommend this to fans of black metal and doom metal for its slow metal style. Released back in 2009 on vinyl and cd formats by Drakkar the band was active for a decade having formed in 1999 and disbanding after this release. With only release after this one which was a compilation album released in 2010 by their original label Time Before Time.

Sektemtum – Aut Caesar Aut Nihil

I was pulled in upon hearing their opening track for this album. High speed black metal assault with the opening title track but that luster soon faded with every minute that inched forward. During the initial draw-in I went on youtube to hear more of them and discovered they had a music video for that very track. With over 125,000 clicks garnered in just 2 years the band clearly has a following. Based out of France and on an established French label Osmose Productions they have to date only released one album as 2015 dawns closer with each second passing. Their music video consists of three girls walking around doing strange things like peeing while standing up. In case your wondering why I did not review the music video more thoroughly – its because it failed to keep my attention attuned even with the chicks present.

Mute Ocean – Overcoming The Void


This CD took me by surprise. Due to time constraints I haven’t dedicated as much time to music listening. This one stole the limelight as being a random great find especially considering the band just released this in 2014 through Hypnotic Dirge Records (Canadian label).

Some notable favourite tracks include Escape The Earth, Wanderer, Colossus, and Overcoming the Void.

They remind me specifically of Slagmaur without the instrumentation since this band is pure black metal. They still seem to amaze with their raw energy with the music being very transcendental creating atmosphere.

The band hails from St.Petersburg, Russia and now they are surely on my watch list for future albums.

Harvist – Lighning Storm In The Veins


Harvist, a black metal band from the USA which saw two releases on Dark Horizon Records was unique in their approach to black metal with slow depressive moments like in the track Trolls Bane. They had a great opening track “Daybreak on Dayview” and a very catchy “Harvesters Hymn”. Enough to score the album into my pile of worthy listening even though there seemed to always have been something missing from their overall sound. Regardless the band is now defunct having spanned a decade in existence and leaving behind a trail of easy to find and very inexpensive cd albums behind.

Theraphosa – Hung Like Mussolini

hungI was going through some random music channels and I heard the Azan (holy prayer) start to play. I immediately thought some form of wrong channel was probably playing the malware or spyware that triggered the Islamic music on my computer seeing as how I was searching for middle eastern music infused with metal.

Instead it was a mistake – the song soon became metal infused with the holy prayer. Indeed the song was an “Adzhan”, an intro by the band Theraphosa for their demo release. I tried to search them out for some information but very little information was found on them. They don’t seem to be black metal but the track certainly got my attention for their novelty and intrigue.

So I have nothing more to say about them due to a lack of information having been found on this band who is from the United States. Other than the introductory track I would recommend “Neda” from their album Hung Like Mussolini.

Inquisition – Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm


This is the first Inquisition album to make it on my list even though they have garnered a major cult following from all their previous works. They are extremely raw black metal originating from Germany on a well known established underground German black metal label No Colors. They continue to be a force with each new album even though this is the first album by them that has caught my attention. The first seven minutes sounded promising of what was to come until the track “desolate funeral chant” which was where the album really spearheaded into greatness. The sound reminded me of Slagmaur – haze, confusion and mysterious sounding. it lead into the track Cosmic Invocation Rites which would be given a similar description as the previous track with its swirling guitar sounds. The title of the album seemed to have defined the sound quite well the album sounded unlike any past Inquisition albums.